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In today’s era women are playing an important role in the society. There are many growing sectors where women play equal roles as men. There were times when being a women, it used to be very difficult to stand out in a male dominant country. Some women don’t get an opportunity to fulfill their ambitions and dreams, but there are some who have stood out. Today we’ll discuss about one the most famous female entrepreneurs in India. There are many successful women entrepreneurs in India and one of them is Shradha Sharma. Shradha Sharma is the Chief Editor and Founder of is an online portal for young entrepreneurs and start-ups which help their businesses move ahead, it was founded in 2008. Shradha Sharma biography has many interesting facts about her journey through working in the corporate media world to starting up on her own. Let’s read the Shradha Sharma wiki to get more insights and details about her life and professional career.YourStory Founder Shradha Sharma photos

Shradha Sharma Date of Birth

Shradha Sharma was born on 6th July in the year 1983. She was born in the city of Patna in India. Shradha Sharma birthday has always been a private affair. Being one the busiest persons, she doesn’t get much time to go out and celebrate her birthday. She just likes to spend her day in a simple way. For her, work is worship and she either celebrates her birthday with her family or with her colleagues.

Shradha Sharma Family Background

Shradha Sharma family hails from Patna, India. She spent her childhood and was brought up in Patna itself. Shradha Sharma mother always supported her to achieve all the dreams she had and taught her to be independent and self reliant. Shradha Sharma is amongst 5 siblings which includes four sisters and a brother. She has a strong upbringing and was raised with high values. Biography of Shradha Sharma reveals more information about her career and education.

Shradha Sharma Education

Shradha Sharma is not only talented but also works hard and is an achiever. She holds an honorable degree from St. Stephens College in Delhi and then went on to pursue MBA from MICA, Ahmedabad. Being an educated woman, she was always an ambitious person.

Shradha Sharma Personal Life

She likes to keep her professional and personal life separate. Shradha Sharma height complements her personality. Her nationality is Indian as she was born and brought up in India. In the initial days, she faced many difficulties, but Shradha Sharma success story can inspire many of us. She crossed all the hurdles that came under way and became an example and role model for many young women. Shradha Sharma contact details can be found in the Yourstory website. She is very active on all the social media platforms so one can also get in touch with her through Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.

Shradha Sharma Career

Shradha Sharma started her career as a brand advisor for Times of India and then worked as an AVP (Assistant Vice president) in CNBC TV18. It was in 2008 while working in CNBC that the idea of Yourstory came into frame. During that time she met many entrepreneurs who wanted a medium to highlight their stories to the world. The entrepreneurs and the startups wanted the mass audience to know about their struggles, vision and their accomplishments. Shradha Sharma wanted to help these entrepreneurs and startups by letting the world know their story through a powerful medium. And what better than internet as a medium? This is how had its inception. is an online portal which helps entrepreneurs and startups discussing about their business and companies which helps them to take their venture into new heights. There are many who didn’t support Shradha Sharma‘s idea and thought this won’t work. But Shradha listened to her heart with great persistence and the website was launched in 16th September 2008. She had one thing in mind that all entrepreneurs are not superstars, but they have some amazing untold stories in their life.

Shradha Sharma first start up Yourstory has almost completed 7 years of passionate storytelling. In 2015, she was selected in the list of 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world. On March 2015, she was awarded the ‘L’Oreal Paris Femina Award’ for online influence. wiki will tell you more about her tremendous achievements. It also provides visibility coverage in news, social media, investors, potential partners, business opportunities and offline marketing support. It has become an important hub for news writers, news makers, public relation people, startups enthusiasts, investors, corporates, bloggers, and journalists among others. Yourstory also hosts many conferences throughout the country spanning the whole year. They also host events and workshops like TechSparks, MobiSparks, e-Sparks, WebSparks, eduStars, Cloud Conclave, Startup Jobs Fair, Sociopreneurship etc.

The Start of HerStory- Covering Female Entrepreneurs & Related News

Yourstory has also started another portal ‘HerStory’ which features stories about female entrepreneurs in India. There are many female bloggers in India coming up with the exceptional stories and their success needs to be showcased in front of the public. Yourstory has portrayed stories of over 15,000 entrepreneurs and continues to do so at great pace. Yourstory has reached over 5 million readers in India and across the world which is a huge feat considering it has only been 7 years since it began. Now, Yourstory mobile app is available in smartphones for everyone so that one could easily write, read and view their own stories in their own languages. Yourstory is closely associated with Venture Capitalists and Government bodies. Their partners include the likes of Intel, Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, Nokia, Dell, Qualcomm, Cisco, VeriSign, Vodafone, Intuit, GoDaddy, Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, Kalaari Capital, Nexus Venture Partners (and all the other leading funds in India), CNBC TV18 Young Turks, Mahindra, British Council and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) just to name a few.

Interesting facts about Shradha Sharma

  • Founder and CEO of
  • One of the successful female entrepreneurs in India.
  • Worked in Times of India and CNBC TV18.
  • Was awarded a L’Oreal Paris Femina Award.
  • Was selected in the list of 500 LinkedIn influencers across the world.

Shradha Sharma Love Affairs

Shradha Sharma has never been in any celebrity gossip. She is very focussed and dedicated towards her work. She never came out revealing about her love life in media. Shradha Sharma husband is very lucky to have her as a life partner. It’ll be interesting to see how Shradha Sharma children will be able to take forward their mother’s legacy.

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